i-Port Advance® – It takes the shots for you!


It takes the shots for you!

i-Port Advance injection port lets you take your medication without having to puncture your skin for each shot. It’s easy to apply and easy to use. The port can be worn for up to three days and during all normal activities, including exercising, sleeping, and bathing.


Just one application every three days!

i-Port Advance injection port is easy to apply. It includes a built-in inserter, which gives you a quick, virtually painless application. Only a soft flexible tube, called a cannula stays under the skin. Once applied, you inject your medication through the port instead of your skin (no medication is stored inside the device).



i-Port is small and discrete, and sticks to you like a bandage.                                                                                            

i-Port Advance injection port may be used on a wide range of patients, including adults, children and pregnant women.

You can use the port with pens or syringes. Needles need to be 5-8mm (3/16-5/16”) in length and 32-28 gauge.

You can use both, but there is a rule: Always inject rapid acting insulin first, wait one hour, then inject your long acting insulin.